Can you hear the children's cry ?

The journey to healing a community starts with healing of the children.

Our Story

We all have a part to play in how we care for our children

Black Diamond Kids Foundation is focused on providing a safe, loving environment for children who have gone through trauma. Our goal is to providing counselling resources, educational opportunities and housing replacement, so that those most in need can become their best self. Black Diamonds are one of the toughest diamonds on earth, so are the kids at Black Diamond Kids.

Our Vision

Foundation- Strong and Resilient

Our vision for Black Diamond is to help children both in Canada and the Jamaica who have been traumatized, mental, physical, sexual and emotional truama to heal via accessing our first level support through online and in person counseling sessions aimed at the rehabilitation and healing of traumatized youths. While providing the access and support they need to thrive.
Our second level support would be to those also displaced and experiencing homelessness or estranged from family due the truama to access housing via our Black Diamond home.

Our Aim


At Black Diamond, we aim to recognize the unique skills and abilities that each child has. We focus on the individual and not on their challenges. We are committed on providing a safe and loving environment that is nurturing that is like home with the primary goal being helping each child to become a positive contributor to the society

Our Focus

Black Diamond Kids

Our Focus are the children, the future of tomorrow's society. We are all connected and we can help by choosing to help our children to heal.

Can you hear the children's cry?


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